Columbine High School, Aurora CenturyTheater, Tucson AZ, Ft. Hood TX, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Washington Navy Yard, Virginia Tech, Isla Vista CA, 3 airline suicide plane crashes, several teenage suicides – the 2nd largest cause of death of youths between the ages of 10 and 24.

A major factor in the majority of all of these instances has been seemingly and purposely overlooked.  “He or she is mentally ill.”  “Why didn’t someone notice their mental illness behaviors?”  “Our mental health programs are ineffective.”  “He’s psychotic.”  “She’s irrational.”  There is a strong belief that anyone who does not behave in a usual or customary way is mentally ill. When someone does not behave the way our particular culture and society expects them to behave, a label of mental illness is placed on them.  The way of thinking is, “They have to be mentally ill.  Normal people don’t behave like that.”  Then they are given a subjective diagnosis by either a psychiatrist or family practitioner and prescribed drugs that are designed to stop the unwanted behavior and “cure” them of their maladaptive ways.  How many people would subject themselves to medical treatment for conditions that have no bio-pathological source?  How many people would take chemotherapy because their doctor said that they “behaved” like they have cancer based solely on outward appearance with no laboratory findings to indicate the existence of cancer cells?

Would you begin insulin treatments because your doctor said you behave like you are diabetic? Let’s talk drugs a little bit.  The greatest drug discovery of all time is penicillin.  It tends to cure most, if not all, infectious illnesses, if caught in time.  The key word here is “infectious.”  Very few drugs,  have any curative capabilities for any medical condition that is not infectious.  No medicines can cure heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or any other medical condition that is not due to an infection.  This will also include most of what is being called mental illness.  At best, the drug only covers up the symptoms and easing the patient’s physical and emotional misery. No cures.  There are those who have been on their pych meds for 5, 10, 15 or more years with no cures.

Effective medications are those that go directly to the identified source or cause of the illness.  This is why people don’t take toenail fungus meds for migraine headaches, or aspirin for cancer.  The source or pathology of effective medication has been identified and the prescribed medication was designed to go right to that source.  And again, if it is not infectious, the medication only covers up the symptoms and makes the illness a bit more tolerable with no curative abilities.

This may be a surprise to many of you and those who are not surprised will be those who don’t want to believe what I am about disclose.  There are no laboratory tests that can provide an objective, confirmable abnormality of the brain for anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, hypertension, and many other disorders listed in the DSM V (the bible for diagnosing mental illness).

This begs the question, how can medication be created to address and treat non-infectious brain disorders when there are no lab tests or pathology to pinpoint what part of the brain is supposedly responsible for these diagnoses?  The diagnosis is made purely by someone with medical authority to declare it exists when it cannot be proven or substantiated.  It is medical science and diagnosis by decree. . . . an opinion with no organic pathology to support it.

These psychometric drugs have nowhere to go except to saturate the entire brain that affects all emotions, thinking, and creativity.  At first, these drugs were designed to address specific disorders.  Now, the same drugs are being used to address any and all emotional and mental disorders.  They do this by virtue of the fact that the entire brain is being drugged and not the part of the brain that controls sadness, or mania, or schizophrenia, anxiety, or OCD.  One drug tends to fit most of the other diagnosed behaviors instead of the one for which it was specifically designed.  Many times, the drug name is changed and advertised as a new drug for a different illness. What this means is that these drugs hinder the brain’s natural ability to feel empathy, sympathy, sadness, happiness, or elation.  They keep the brain from being able to be creative in working out a person’s own unhappiness while keeping them numbed out.   Those who take these medications will still feel like something is wrong with their lives but they won’t be experiencing the emotions and thoughts that they had been experiencing that were behind their subsequent behaviors.  If they attempt to stop using them, they experience withdrawal symptoms which they erroneously believe to be their mental condition returning due to the lack of the medication.  So they immediatlely start taking them again.

The two most dangerous times for these medications are when someone begins to use them and those who decide to stop taking them.   People with depression don’t go around killing other people.  They may choose to put an end to their own life but they do not usually involve the killing of others along with them. Those who desire to kill others are doing so out of anger, not depression.  Pilots who commit suicide with passengers on board are not feeling anger or any empathy or concern about anyone else other than themselves while deciding to crash the plane.  They only want to end their own unhappiness because they have not been able to be creative enough to resolve their unhappiness on their own . . . and nothing else is working.  The drug has caused their brain to “zone out.”

One cannot be angry and depressed at the same time.  One emotion will be out of service when the other one is active.  Antidepressants may cover up depression and in so doing, anger has been known to emerge with some individuals.  So what everyone is overlooking when they ask for the motive behind all of these mass shooters is, “Is he, or was he on antidepressant medications or other psych meds?  Should it be discovered that they were on psych meds, the reaction is:  “See?  I told you he was mentally ill.”  No thought is ever given to the drug being the possible cause of their behavior.   In every case of those who resorted to mass shooting , stabbing, and suicidal plane crashes is that the individuals all had one thing in common:  They were not happy people.  Those who take the lives of others are angry, not sad.  When they were sad, they weren’t displaying criminal acts or harming others.  And they all had been on or were taking psychiatric drugs.  If depression was the cause of mass shooters, the U.S. population would be half of what it currently is.

The pilots who took their aircraft down were basically zoning out.  They were neither sad nor angry as evidenced by their normal breathing patterns and non-responsive behavior while ignoring all those around them.  Their emotions have been medically shut down and they were at peace knowing that what they were doing was their creative way of solving their own unhappiness.  While there were over a hundred people on these planes, the flyers of these planes were not even aware of them or their existence in large numbers.  Their only focus was on what they felt they had to do for themselves at the time.

Do all psych meds have the same effect on everyone?  Not at all.  All you need do is listen to  what is being called “side effects” of the drugs advertised on TV.  The side effects are often worse than the patient’s current symptoms.  The ads mention these effects in order to cover their own behinds.  They can always declare, “You can’t say we didn’t warn you.” Notice that even the antidepressant drugs advise that a doctor be called should they have any thoughts of suicide.  Isn’t this what the drug is supposed to cure rather than cause?

There was an increase in teenage suicides when antidepressants were being passed out like Pez dispensers until a law was passed not to prescribe to those under the age of 18 as well as the addition of a black box warning on the side of the medication.   Would you take a drug that warned against suicide, heart attacks and worse problems than you currently have if you take them?  Obvious many people will and do. Before antidepressants and other psych meds came on the market, how many mass shootings did we have in this country?  None (not counting the prohibition and gangster era).  How many pilots destroyed their planes with several passengers on board?  None.  What is different today than the past before antidepressants were created?  Mass shootings, teenage suicides, and suicide plane crashes.

How much longer will everyone stand around scratching their heads while asking the same unanswered questions of “Why did he do this” or “why did he do that” while failing or refusing to consider that it’s the drugs that are the culprit? How many more people have to die before we stop the medication madness?

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