By Michael Rice, LISAC, CTRTC

What would you say is the opposite of the word,
“Madman?”  Happyman?  The word Madman was used in the reporting in
yet another mass shooting spree . . . this one by 22 year old Elliot
Rodger.  Ironically, the use of the word
“Madman” is as close as society will come to the real cause of Elliot’s choice
to kill 6 people and wound several more.
This is because the use of the word, “Madman,” is perceived as being Mad
as in “Insane,” “Crazy,” or “Daft.”  Yet, if asked
what the opposite of Mad is, they would most likely say, “Happy.”  So why isn’t the opposite of Madman a
Happyman?  Then shouldn’t the goal of mental health be to help transition one’s mental illness of a madman towards that of a happyman?

Elliot and all of the other mass shooters over the last few
years were all unhappy and “detached” young men under the age of 25 and all who
had been on, or were currently on, psych meds.
Yet the world will not accept that unhappiness is why these young men
attempt to ease their frustration and anger.
Incidentally, why aren’t any of these mass shooters women?  Does this form of so-called “mental illness”
only affect the male gender?

People don’t go around shooting other people because they
are happy.  So why don’t we start right
there?  People shoot other people because
they are unhappy.  And why are all of
these young men unhappy? . . . because they are not experiencing satisfying relationships
with the important people in their lives.
It hasn’t anything to do with some past traumatic event several years
ago or some pathology that doesn’t exist.
It is an unhappy situation that is going on in the present at that
moment in their life.  Their unhappiness
lies within a very unsatisfying relationship with such possible persons as a
mother, a father, a sibling, a boy or girlfriend, a husband/wife, an employer,
possibly a teacher, or even an unsatisfying relationship with themselves.

When a person has exhausted all that they have tried to do
to resolve their unhappiness by trying to control what they can not control,
they often detach from friends, family, and even society.  They may believe that people don’t like them
so why should they like people?  And since
they don’t like people, it means nothing to them to exact revenge for their
anger on people they may or may not even know.

If they have been, or currently are on psych meds . . .
these medications drug the mind with no curative powers but shut off the brains
ability to be creative to resolve their unhappiness in more logical and
appropriate ways.  Seeking ways to
resolve intense distress, they rationalize with a drugged mnd, that eliminating
specific people, or people in general, will ease their frustration.  Psychotropic medications are no more than
what Dr. Peter Breggin calls “chemical lobotomies.”  They are not selective in the emotions that
drug companies report target specifically..
If a drug has an effect on one emotion, it has an effect on all
emotions.  Elliot Roger was receiving
“professional help” according to the family’s attorney.

The report was that after his
parents notified others about their son’s youtube post,
Police interviewed Elliot Rodger and found him to be a “perfectly
polite, kind and wonderful human,” he added. Police did not find a history
of guns, but did say Rodger “didn’t have a lot of friends,” had
trouble making friends and didn’t have any girlfriends.


They failed to recognize any
condition because they were looking for signs of “a madman.”  While Elliot was mad, others were looking for
“crazinesss.”  People who have mental
illness don’t turn their illness off and on when they feel like it.  Anyone is capable of changing their thoughts
and subsequent emotions at any given time.
If being interviewed for possible signs of insanity or criminal
activity, a person can easily think and emote naturally.  What the police failed to recognize as the
cause of his behavior is his relationship unhappiness ,even when they admitted
he had relationship problems with others.
They simply glide right over the source and cause and look for other
signs of what they believe to me mental illness.. 


Until the world begins to address
the real cause of what is being called mental illness, nothing will
change.  What is being called mental
illness is the behavior of unhappy people who are having difficulty with the
important people in their lives.  While
not everyone who is unhappy resorts to mass shootings, others have found other
creative ways or behavior to ease their frustration.  These behaviors are identified by decree of
the psychiatric delivery system as:
Schizophrenia, severe anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior,
depression, Bipolar, ADD/ADHD, and any other mental illness listed in the
DSM.  While the symptomatic behaviors of
these conditions are accurate, they have no medical or physical, or organic, or
genetic pathology.  These behaviors serve to ease one’s frustration and anger regarding his/her unhappiness that is rooted in unsatisfying relationships.  Mental Health will
not improve until the focus is placed on the true source of the behavior . . .


“If you don’t change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever.
Is that good news?” 

― W. Somerset Maugham

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