Another Shooting At Ft. Hood

By Michael Rice, LISAC, CTRTC

“What we have been doing in psychiatry for the last hundred
years has been half-baked.” William Glasser, MD

Dr. G.L. Harrington, a mentor of Dr. Glasser, has stated,
“If all the professionals in our field suddenly disappeared, the world would
hardly note their absence.”  His
reference being that if there were no psychiatric professionals, there would
not be any change in the amount of unhappy people who exist in the world.

Dr. Glasser discovered, as I have in my practice, that what
is being called mental illness is the result of people who are feeling
miserable . . . that all long term emotional problems are relationship problems
that are happening in the present with the important people in one’s life.

If those of you have experienced depression, anxiety,
compulsive behaviors, eating disorders, or any of the listed mental illnesses
in the DSM V, you would not be surprised to discover that whatever was going on
in your life, at the onset of these so-called mental illnesses, was an
unsatisfying relationship with someone important to you.

For over a century, psychiatry has been focusing on and
teaching those in the psychiatric community that mental illness is a medical
condition.  As a result, the majority of
the world believes this to be true.  This
is why the psychiatric communities’ efforts in dealing with mental health have
not been effective.

Unhappiness is not a medical condition nor is it a chemical
imbalance in one’s brain that the pharmaceutical companies would have you
believes.  There is no physical pathology
to what is being called mental illness.
With no pathology, there is no medical or physical cause.  Doctors and psychiatrists have been treating
people for diseases that don’t exist with medications that have no chance of
remedying something that has no pathology.
The only thing these drugs do is drug a person’s brain, numb their
emotions, and have a history of causing many to commit suicide or do harm to
others. . . sometimes both at the same time.

The medical profession refuses to consider unhappy
relationships as the cause of “mental illness” because it doesn’t fit into
their medical mind-set.  To them,
anything that is not medical is not worth considering.  So they claim it to be a medical
condition.  It is science by decree.  This is why mental illness and mental health
are not improving.

Until just recently, you could not find a definition of
Mental Health anywhere until Dr. Glasser gave his definition: You are mentally healthy if you enjoy being
with most of the people you know, especially with the important people in our
life such as family, sexual partners and friends.  Generally, you are happy and are more than
willing to help an unhappy family member, friend, or colleague to feel
better.  You lead a mostly tension-free
life, laugh a lot, and rarely suffer from the aches and pains that so many
people accept as an unavoidable part of living.
You enjoy life and have no trouble accepting other people who think and act
differently from you.  It rarely occurs
to you to criticize or try to change anyone.
If you have differences with someone else you will try to work out the
problem; if you can’t you will walk away before you argue and increase the

You are creative in
what you attempt and may enjoy more of your potential than you ever thought
possible.  Finally, even in very
difficult situations when you are unhappy – no one can be happy all of the time
– you’ll know why you are unhappy and attempt to do something about it.  You may even be physically handicapped as was
Christopher Reeve, and still fit the criteria above.

It wasn’t until Dr. Glasser wrote these words that you could
find any definition of “Mental Health.”
At best it could only be defined as “the absence of mental
illness.”  Since then The World Health
Organization (WHO) and several other sources have announced a watered-down
version of Dr. Glasser’s definition including the Merrium-Webster Dictionary
that previously had nothing listed. Now you can find several versions of Dr. Glasser’s definition.  And
what it particularly interesting, including that of the Mayo Clinic’s
definition, is that none of the
definitions cite a medical condition as its cause.
 So why is it being treated unsuccessfully with
medications and techniques that do not address the real cause?

People don’t go around shooting other people because they
are happy.  Nor do they have a chemical
imbalance in their brains that make them do such things . . . unless it is an
imbalance created by the medications they have been given.

When a person has tried everything they know how and what to
do to ease their frustration from unsatisfying relationships, they grasp at any
behavior that comes to mind that they haven’t utilized so far.  These behaviors take the form of what is
being called “Mental Illness.”  And if
the behavior has even the slightest effect of easing their frustration, they
rely on it.  To not do so would only
cause them to feel more unhappy than if they are if they didn’t do them.  When they choose the behavior, it
makes perfectly good sense to them at the moment.

What needs to be done?

  • Make Mental Health a
    Public Health Issue just as Physical Health has done.
  • Educate the public that
    mental illness is not a medical condition and stop treating it as such
  • Cease the use of
    psychotropic medications except in such cases where harm to others may
  • Take the medical model out
    of psychiatry.
  • Teach people how to
    improve their relationships and get along with others.
  • Teach people how to take
    responsibility for their own happiness and not blame others for their lack
    of it.
  • Teach people all the
    things they do to control others when the only people they can control is
  • Teaching people what is
    missing in their lives that are keeping them from their happiness and to
    discovering ways to get these needs met without infringing on the needs
    and rights of others.                                                                                                                          Why won’t we see this changing
    anytime soon?  Because there is no money
    in Mental Health.  There is only money in
    Mental Illness.  The survival of the
    pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric profession appears to be more
    important than the consideration of society’s well-being.

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  1. Jack

    I just found your blog. Fascinating. I am looking forward to reading everything on here. Thank you.

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