It’s Not as Bad as Alcohol


By Michael Rice, LISAC, CTRTC

 When I continually hear others
say, “Marijuana is no worse than alcohol” or “not as bad as alcohol,” what I am
hearing is, “Marijuana is bad but no more than alcohol is bad so it must be
okay.”  Based upon this rationale, one
might also say, “Arsenic is bad but no more than cyanide.”  And since it is no worse, then it must not be
as bad.

 There are those individuals who
can drink one or two drinks and not be affected as much dependent upon the
weight.  However, anyone who smokes weed
becomes high instantly regardless of their weight.  They aren’t using it for the acquired taste
as with alcohol.  There are more alcohol
abusers than there are responsible drinkers.
Marijuana is specifically used to get high just as the alcohol abuser drinks
to feel euphoric.  They get higher faster
and don’t have hangovers . . . the latter being one of the qualifications for
claiming it is not as bad as alcohol.

 One perspective might be:  Users don’t know how to get high on life with
just pure air.  They need to rely on a
chemical to alter their brain’s ability to function as it was meant to function
. . . regardless of the ill effects and damage it does to the lungs and the
brain, not to mention loss of motivation, lost employment, and harmed relationships.
As with alcohol, marijuana users will
fail to see the problems they will incur as a result of their use.  They will staunchly defend their position of
it being a harmless drug even if and when those around them observe otherwise.

 While it is true that people
don’t rob banks or convenience stores to get money for pot, it has been my
experience, as a drug and alcohol therapist, that pot smokers, generally, don’t
do much of anything.  I have never heard
of anyone dying from an overdose of marijuana but I have seen many people die
from complications from smoking marijuana.
If you think alcohol causes
problems, just wait until you see what problems legalized recreational cannabis
use will cause.  But . . . then again . .
. It’s not any worse than alcohol.

 If you agree that alcohol causes
problems for people, you can expect double the problems with legalized
marijuana.  I am greatly assured of job

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  1. Ruth Forshee

    You have very well expressed my feelings and concerns about the legalization of marijuana. I would like to see this cposted on Facebook and any other social media. Do people really realize what is about to happen. Seems to be more dulling of peoples senses leading to more take over by sinister people or government.You Ebbyo.

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