Merry or Not So Merry Christmas

Holidays are often celebrated with the consumption of alcohol.  Even those who don’t regularly imbibe do so on holidays and special occasions.  Others don’t need a holiday to justify their use.  They drink because they have acquired a taste for it and like the effects it causes.  Alcohol, like coffee, is an acquired taste.  At first, it doesn’t taste good at all   People drink it because they like how it makes them feel.  If it didn’t do that, most drinkers would not drink at all.

Alcohol is a sedative drug as well as an addictive
drug.  The effects of alcohol begin with
only one drink.  The more a person drinks
the more effects they will experience.   Any one of the effects is detrimental to the
brain that controls thinking, feeling, physiology, and behavior.   Alcohol affects the brain by interfering
with the brain’s oxygen supply.  In
simple terms, alcohol anesthetizes the brain and puts it to sleep.

Because alcohol is a legal drug, and because it causes a
feeling of euphoria, many people drink it specifically to get that
sensation.  Both the seasoned and the
novice drinker often lose count of how many drinks they actually consumed and
become more impaired than they believe themselves to be.  A recent study showed a man who felt he was
capable of driving only a few blocks home because “I only had two drinks.”  Video coverage showed that he actually had
five drinks and when tested, his blood alcohol level was .13, one hour after
having consumed his last drink.

If you drink to feel euphoric each time you drink, then you
are purposely drinking to feel high on a drug. 
This is no different than the person who uses cannabis, meth, cocaine,
heroin or other drugs.  It is used to
acquire the desired effect.  The only
difference is, alcohol is a legal drug. 
If you consume more than you had intended to drink on more than a couple
of occasions, you might want to evaluate your pattern of use of alcohol.

On average, the body metabolizes one drink per hour.  Someone who drinks 3 or more drinks an hour
will be impaired to some degree or another. 
And when continuing to drink after that hour will only increase the
impairment to the point of legal intoxication.  
One must also take their weight into consideration.  A larger person can consume more alcohol on
average than a smaller person due to the amount of blood they have in their
body.  Some can become legally drunk on
only two drinks if they are not very large.

So this holiday season, be aware of your alcohol intake and
the dangers that may befall you, and those you don’t even know.  Play it safe. 
Don’t drink and drive.  DUI task
forces are fully in place this holiday season. 
Police stations have bars you don’t want to go to.  Hospital emergency rooms and morgues are
fully staffed and prepared to meet you.

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